Mark Levin: Obama "Hooked On Golf Like Drug Addicts Are Hooked On Drugs"


MARK LEVIN: They're at war with us and our pathetic president is playing golf. He's playing golf again today. He's hooked on golf like drug addicts are hooked on drugs. He used to do pot, he used to do coke, now he does golf. Unbelievable. And these pictures are sent all over the world. Every hellhole where these cockroaches live and function and rape and destroy they see it! They see him laughing five minutes after he gives that pathetic commentary. On the golf course. And he's supposed to represent us.

He pretends he's Lincoln. Lincoln! What do you think Lincoln would do under these circumstances? You think he would tolerate it? He thinks he's FDR Do you think FDR would tolerate this? He's a nobody when the history books are written. This isn't about firsts. The presidency doesn't exist for him, the presidency exists for us.

When a fellow American is so horribly abused and the other captors, it is said they used to beat the hell out of him because he was an American and his brother was in the Air Force. This poor guy. And this family. And have your son decapitated when you want to reach into that television screen and put your hand around that piece of crap's neck who is doing it to him and squeeze the freaking life out of him and we can't reach him? Bullcrap! And the Brits, to their credit, they think they know who he is. And when they know who he is our pathetic president should put a $25 million bond on his head. Cockroaches have been known to turn on cockroaches. Because that's what they do.

Good lord, I tell you what. Two bad elections and look it's happened to us as a people. Look what's happened to us. Look what's happened in the country. Look what's been done to the presidency. Look what's been done to our government. Look what's been done to our military. Look what's been done to our border. Look what's been done to our economy. Two freaking elections. (Mark Levin Show, August 21, 2014)

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