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Gutfeld to Obama: "You Have A Problem With Golf And It's Getting Weird"

GREG GUTFELD: When someone has a problem and it's someone you care about, you should confront him. You've got to sit him down and say: this is serious. President Obama, you have a problem. Not with drugs or women or booze, it's worse. You have a problem with golf and it's getting weird.

Even for me, I never once cared, but now it's strange. Think about it. You played golf after that press conference, after an appalling terrorist act. How was that possible? I have no problems with vacations and have grown to like your aloof take on our country's decline.

I know you can't change, but now something is wrong. You have a problem. You can't see it, but it's there. We all see it now. Golf is your Lewinski, it's your bimbo eruption, it's your blue dress, it's your compulsion that blinds you to the hell unfolding around you.

How much of it occupies your head? How much time do you think about golf? Do you find yourself promising you'll cut back? Do you find your life empty if you don't a have round on the horizon? Do you see golf as your oasis in a world far beneath you?

Look, we all have compulsions and golf hurts no one. It's legal and relaxing. But for God's sakes, man, it's time to lead. Plot a course instead of walking one. Show some drive instead of making one.

After an American is beheaded, no president should be heading to the course.

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