Larry Elder vs. Don Lemon & Van Jones: Not Even An O.J. Jury Would Convict Ferguson Officer


DON LEMON: Larry, I have to say this, I thought this was very interesting. You said not even an O.J. [Simpson] jury would convict Officer Wilson. I mean, should he at least be charged?

LARRY ELDER: Well, I think he will be charged. I think Van is right. I think the politics will compel a charge, but I think the law and the facts will compel an acquittal. You have witnesses that appear to be unreliable. You already have witnesses that are altering their testimony. The key witness is this guy, Dorian Johnson, who is with him, he's already now conceded that he didn't tell the investigators about the robbery at the convenience store ten minutes earlier. Oops, I just forgot that. He said that the shots were all in the back. Their own experts they hired, Dr. [Michael] Boden said the shots were consistent with someone coming forward. He didn't say that's what happened, but said it is consistent with somebody coming forward. When that guy says that on the jury stand and I'm doing that cross-examination, the case has now gone supernova. It's over. When you have your own witness saying that the forensic evidence is consistent with a guy charging him, it is done. But I think the pressure will be to file but it's over and the jury will find him not guilty.

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