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Bernie Sanders vs. Anti-Israel Townhall Attendees: "Excuse Me, Shut Up!"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) faced off with several anti-Israel constituents at a townhall held in Cabot, Vermont over the weekend. The townhall went downhill quickly and intensified into a shouting match with some saying "fuck Israel." The escalation began when Sanders was attempting to answer a question about the recent conflict in Gaza where he conceded that Israel "overreacted." Here's what happened when he was interrupted:

SANDERS: A question was asked, it was a fair question, I'm trying to --

[inaudible, yelling]

SANDERS: Excuse me, shut up! You don’t have the microphone.


SANDERS: You know I don’t want police officers here.

TOWNHALL ATTENDEE: Are you going to arrest people?

SANDERS: No, I’m not going to arrest people, but are you going to allow us to have a discussion?

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