Van Jones on Ferguson: "This Is Transforming A Generation Of Young Black Activists"


ANDERSON COOPER: Van, I mean, you and I were just talking before the break, we've been focusing on the drama that's been playing out not only with the killing of Michael Brown but just over the last couple days in the street. You said there is a lot happening behind the scenes that people aren't seeing.

VAN JONES: Yeah, absolutely. I think that this is a very sophisticated coalition that has formed behind the scenes. You see that this is the theatrics of it. Behind that, you've got young people who are very, very sophisticated. When they say, hands up, don't shoot, that's not just their slogan, that's the name of their coalition. They are meeting two blocks from here and they are trying to figure out, Holder comes tomorrow, they say that's not enough, they want Obama here. When the Newtown shootings happened, Obama went there.

COOPER: Because he went to Newtown, why doesn't he come here?

JONES: What you're beginning to see now is a new generation of African-American leadership. Million Hoodies Movement, Organization For Black Struggle, Michael McBride is emerging as a voice for peace in this situation.

COOPER: Do you believe this will have what is happening here behind the scenes or this killing will have an impact the way Rodney King [did]?

JONES: Absolutely. This is transforming a generation of young black activists and political leaders --

COOPER: Really? This incident?

JONES: This incident. Well, you have to remember all summer long you had African-American unarmed men killed all summer and when you have a summer like this, just like '92, my generation of young activists, we were totally changed in terms of our understanding of what we need to do to make the system work better for us. It's happening right now with this generation.

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