MSNBC's Hayes: "As Long As Charges Are Not Brought Protesters Will Feel Justice Is Not Being Done"


CHRIS HAYES: I think Holder will be helpful. There is a real wide chasm in how much people trust local government or federal government. Everyone, not everyone, but almost everyone I have talked to about the case is very skeptical of local authorities, very skeptical of the local prosecutor and really sees the Department of Justice as a backstop that they can trust. They trust the Department of Justice, they trust the FBI... Eric Holder coming here is very significant because it's going to kind of reassure people. He wrote an open letter to the citizens of Ferguson. That's a positive step because people feel there is a backstop.

There is a sense of impudence here that is borne of the way the political system is structured here, the way the establishment works, how North County works. That, I think, feeling like there is somebody who had their back at the highest level of law enforcement, the Attorney General, the highest law enforcement official in the country is soothing people. At the same time, you know, I don't know how this dissipates before any kind of charges are brought. I mean that is -- whether charges should be brought as a legal matter is distinct from what the community that I have talked to here wants to see happen. And they are unanimous in wanting to see charges brought and don't feel as long as charges are not brought will continue to feel justice is not being done.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Fortunately, with all seriousness, the mass of people do not make decisions about criminal justice in certain cases, it's up to the people with moral authority. And I hope when Eric Holder gets there, he will lend this whole situation that you're in moral authority because it's clearly what you say people want to see. Even if they disagree with his final decision, the sense that he was there fairly and honestly looking at the reality of the case. He can't reset the clock on the way things have been for years and decades. He can only deal with the facts of one case. He can't make people happy with the judgment. He can only give them an honest one. Chris Hayes, thank you for being out there.

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