Mayor: "There's Not A Racial Divide In The City Of Ferguson"


MAYOR JAMES KNOWLES: There's not a racial divide in the city of Ferguson.

TAMRON HALL: According to who? Is that your perspective, or do you believe that that is the perspective of African-Americans in your city?

KNOWLES: All residents in our city, actually.

HALL: Have you been watching the news? There are a lot of people sir, please, with all due respect: There are people on air on any network, even if you don't watch this one, who disagree who live there. So I'm asking again with all due respect: Are you listening to them?

KNOWLES: Absolutely. There's 22,000 residents in our community. This has affected about a half-mile strip of street in our community. The rest of our community, the rest of the African-Americans in our community are going about our daily lives, going to our businesses, walking their dog, going to our neighborhood watch meetings. They're concerned for their safety they know this is not representative of us.

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