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Limbaugh: White Parents Also Worry When Their Children Go Out

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Okay, so according to Michael Eric Dyson, it is incumbent upon Obama to get out there and use his rhetorical genius on Ferguson. Now, wait a minute, now. Wait a minute here again. Hold the fort. Obama’s been using his rhetorical genius for six years. Obama used his rhetorical genius in the 2008 campaign and the 2012 campaign, so much so that people said it was genius. So much so that Harry Reid asked Obama, where’d you get this genius? And Obama told Harry Reid, it’s a gift, Harry. Well, he’s been doing it for six years. Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t six years of oratorical genius work?

No, no, no, no. Don’t look at me that way. I’m totally serious. B. Hussein O. was elected, in part, to end this kind of stuff, right? Hope and change. People really thought, a lot of white voters thought that this stuff was gonna stop because that’s what them voting for a black president would mean, that the country’s no longer racist. Six years of oratorical genius, if that’s what you want to call it, and yet this stuff is still happening. In fact, it’s probably worse.

But I have another reaction to this, too. I don’t think it’s true and I don’t think it is accurate to say that white parents do not worry sending their kids out of the house on errands. We comment on this frequently on this program about how parents are afraid to let their kids go do anything anymore. There’s either a purse snatcher out there; there’s a child molester out there; there’s an Amber Alert waiting to happen; there’s human traffickers out there; there are drug dealers out there, criminals, muggers, racists, purse snatchers, rapists and so forth. There are all sorts of stuff out there. How often do we talk here about how when we were kids our parents kicked us out of the house, and if we came back before five o’clock they got mad at us, accused us of being lazy.

Now if the kid’s gone for 30 minutes, “Oh no! Oh no! Where’s Little Johnny? Oh, my God!” Am I right? All kinds of people are afraid to let their kids loose for fear of what’s out there. Not specifically racial problems, just there’s a lot of evil out there that a lot of parents are very worried about. They’ve been told to be worried about it. They’ve been told to be protective. Monitors and so forth.

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