Ralph Peters: Obama's Policy of "Preemptive Retreat" Responsible For Opening Pandora's Box, Not Bush


LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: I think this may be the greatest presidential blunder in foreign policy, since Woodrow Wilson really screwed up at Versailles nine decades ago. He just -- the president and all the president's men and women look at everything politically and domestically. What's the effect on the base, etc? As a result, they blithely fled from Iraq after we won a hard fought victory that at times I didn't think we could pull off. Amazing, amazing triumph, and he runs away. Not only do we have a mess in Iraq, but I truly believe it triggered so much else, Syria as a minimum, the mess in Egypt, Libya. He is the one that opened Pandora's box, not George W. Bush. Barack Obama, with his philosophy of preemptive retreat, is responsible for the blood bath in the Middle East today.

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