Bernie Goldberg: Many Jews In Hollywood Are Liberal First And Jews Second


BERNARD GOLDBERG: Let me fill you in on something you may not understand but I think -- this is a field in which I'm something of an expert. Many, not all, I want to make that clear, maybe not even most but many liberal Jews in Hollywood are liberals first and Jews second. The religion is liberalism, okay. That's an important point. Now, they know that Hamas started this. They know that Hamas wants to kill everybody in Israel and if hamas could get away with it, kill every Jew in Hollywood. They know that. So, that's on the one hand. On the other hand, they're liberals. They're moved by the images, the pictures that they see as we all are.

So there's a bit of being torn here and I think part of it may be and we'll see what the statement that may be coming out says but I think part of it may be there's an ancient slander that all the Jews stick together. If Spielberg and a bunch of others speak up against Hamas, against the people that started this, you know that people out there, you know, Israel haters or Jew haters are going to say, there they go again, the Jews are all sticking together against those poor Palestinians and I think for that reason, the Jewish population in Hollywood sort of wants to keep hands off for as long as they can.

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