Mark Levin: "Certain Cultures Are Better Than Other Cultures"


MARK LEVIN: Let me say this, certain cultures are better than other cultures. Certain cultures are better than other cultures. Otherwise, why do people seek to escape their cultures to come to come into our culture? And yet because of the lack of assimilation, but because we have now entrenched, balkanizing ethnic front groups, politicians that represent them, the bureaucracies that fund them and protect them, assimilation rarely occurs unless an individual determines that they're going to be assimilated.

But as a matter of societal practice, as a matter of societal requirement -- of course you don't have to assimilate. Keep your language, do whatever you want. You do whatever you want. So this is, this is what's eating I think at the heart and soul the nation. We've got people whether their president or their political party who have as their purpose the decomposition, the deconstruction of this society. And they've succeeded in many respects.

They're putting in place laws and programs and bureaucracies to smother us, so the social engineers can manipulate. Come this fall many of you with young children going to public schools, you're going to see a change in the bake sales at your schools because the federal government, the First Lady has determined that your kids shouldn't be selling cupcakes. And your kid should be eating cupcakes.

Now, I've said this before: a government that has the power to dictate whether or not your kids can sell or eat cupcakes as a result of late local bake sale is a tyranny. It is a government way, way out of power, out of sync. And it's gonna get worse. It's not gonna get better. Have you heard a single Republican in leadership talk to you the way I'm talking to you? Have you heard a single Republican in leadership talk about the seriousness of what this nation is facing? Have you heard any guests for the most part on our favorite cable channel, FOX, discuss this in any logical way? Nope.

The Republicans are still acting as if this is the 1970s or the 1950s. The Republicans are still acting like they are the good guys and the other guys are the bad guys. They don't even understand that they've been poisoned by this too. And we have to be honest with ourselves. We must be honest with ourselves now. The prior Republican administration, which had a Republican House and a Republican Senate, was disastrous.

They sought to limit the First Amendment with McCain-Feingold. You don't remember. Bush signed that law. The Citizens United case overturned big parts of the law that McCain pushed -- a Republican, a presidential nominee of the Republican Party -- and George W. Bush -- a Republican president -- signed the greatest assault on the free speech provision of the First Amendment was launched by the Republicans. The greatest expansion of Medicare since 1965-66 was under the Republicans! The greatest expansion of the national debt prior to Obama was under the Republicans! A Republican president, a Republican House, a Republican Senate.

And if George W. Bush had his way, Sam Alito wouldn't had even been on the Supreme Court. His friend Harriet Miers would've been on the Supreme Court. Until conservatives rose up and said no. No. The problem is Republican administrations participate in the deconstruction of the country, in the decomposition of the country. They're not ideological about it and in some ways they're unwitting about it. Very few tried to push back. Very few try to unravel this federal leviathan that's been created over the last century.

The only one who tried and in some ways succeeded was Reagan. But he needed a successor, George H. W. Bush, and future Republican presidents, to build on the foundation that he created. Because one president who actually believes in the constraints and limits of presidential power, who doesn't believe I have a pen and a phone and I'll do what I want. He understands there's only so much he or she can do when it comes to the next Republican president and the one after that. (Mark Levin Show, August 5, 2014)

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