Mark Levin Rips Impeachment Critics: "Obama Should Be Impeached, But He Won't Be"


MARK LEVIN: Have you noticed something in the last 48 or 72 hours about this word impeachment? Have you noticed that the Democrats and the RINO Republicans are playing games with our constitution? For the last six or seven minutes all over our favorite cable channel we've had via the news and the commentators going on and on about how the kooks have proposed impeachment but the Republicans have never really wanted impeachment. How the Democrats are proposing impeachment as a way to raise money.

I sit here ladies and gentlemen and I say this: our country is being destroyed. And I am sick and tired of people like Speaker Boehner, Minority Leader McConnell, various radio hosts and TV commentators going on and on about our imperial president, how it's outrageous, how what he's doing is destructive to the constitution and the country. And then when you bring up what the constitution provides us it's, 'Oh what a bunch of kooks.'

The fact of the matter is that once again the Democrats are running circles around the Republican leadership and the Republican consultants. The fact of the matter is this word impeachment should've been explained for years as I've done on this radio program. I just heard one person say, 'Look, look, you can't impeach the president for failing to do things.' You impeach a president who violates the constitution repeatedly and says he's going to. T

These people on TV and radio they've never read the Federalist papers. They've never read Madison's notes. They do not understand our history, our constitution and they ramble on with the Republican National Committee line. And that's what I'm seeing all of our favorite TV channel right now. All over radio. And the Democrats say let's find raised on this. Let's get our base all worked up over this.

Here's the dead truth. Obama should be impeached, but he won't be impeached. Obama should be impeached if the Republicans take the Senate, but he won't be impeached if the Republicans take the Senate. Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors by violating the constitution. A high crime and misdemeanor doesn't mean he goes out robs a bank or knocks off a 7-Eleven. Nobody ever expected a president to do that.

There have been books written about this, including our buddy Andy McCarthy's book. You have people who are pontificating about a subject they know nothing about and then every they're spitting out the Republican talking points. 'No, no, no, we never said impeachment. That's just the tea party.'

What about the power of the purse? No we can't shut down the government, we can't use the power of the purse. So the power of the purse, that's off the table. The i-word, don't bring that up, that's off the table. So what's on the table? A phony lawsuit! And all these same commentators keep talking it up!

So I ask: what do we do about an imperial president?


LEVIN: So you and I, who are concerned about the constitution unraveling right in front of us, we're supposed to participate in this asinine game. This mindless pathetic game. The statists vs. the neo-statists. Once spokesidiot up against another spokesidiot. And then they trash talk radio. These people who get paid a fortune on TV. Who get paid to give speeches as a result of being paid a fortune on TV. Who write dumb books and come to people like me to help promote them.

They accuse talk radio trying to make money off of impeachment. How is talk radio trying to make money off of impeachment? And why they attacking talk radio? It's the same old thing that they've been doing since Rush came in and Hannity and me and some of the others. Oh, they do things for ratings and money. Like only they have ethics and integrity. So when I say something, that's for ratings and money? I would say this about my colleagues in this business, none of us do it for ratings and money. We say what we believe. While there may be a few jackasses but you know what I mean.

So they now attack our integrity. I've never run away from impeachment. I've talked about it many, many times but I will say again he's not going to be impeached. And why would you impeach him when -- if you don't have the Senate because that's where the trial would take place. So at least if you're going to do it, do it when it makes sense. But they're not gonna do it.

But this is what it's become -- the Republicans stand for nothing. They're running on nothing. They're hoping they can sleep walk through this election by attacking the opposition and enough people are angry at Obama. ANd they might win a landslide doing that, they might not. But ladies and gentlemen isn't it time we had people who are serious? Who really wanna preserve what's left of the republic? Who really care about the next generation and the generations unborn? Aren't you sick and tired of this? (Mark Levin Show, July 29, 2014)

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