Michael Eric Dyson: Obama Is Not Perceived As A "Racial Crybaby"


ED SCHULTZ: Michael Eric Dyson, let's just say that you are an adviser in the Oval Office to the president, would you tell them to stay the course on executive orders? Would you tell him to ignore all of this chatter and lawsuits and impeachment talks and just move forward and do whatever you have to do? What would you say to him?

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: I would absolutely say that. See, one of the strengths of Barack Obama, which is why many white Americans voted for him, is he's not perceived as a racial crybaby. The kind of comments I'm making to you right now, Barack Obama himself would barely admit. So, he is a man who is about his business. Let me go about the people's business, let me take care of it, yes, he's not dumb. The people surrounding him are, if you will, fundraising on impeachment, not on the negative sense but in anticipation of the fact that these Republicans have shown they will have little restraint in the face of their animus toward him.

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