Fmr. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: Kerry's Proposal Was An "Insult"


WOLF BLITZER: Well, how -- why do you say that the secretary of state of the United States put Israel and Hamas -- Hamas isn't even recognized by the United States. It's considered a terrorist organization. The U.S. doesn't even talk to Hamas. Why would you say that Kerry, the secretary of state of the United States, Israel's major supporter, would put Hamas in the same category as the - as Israel?

DANNY DANON, FORMER ISRAELI DEPUTY DEFENSE MINISTER: Secretary Kerry's proposal was an insult for us.

BLITZER: Why was it an insult?

DANON: Because when you say a cease-fire between the Hamas and Israel and you don't address the main issues of the missiles, of the tunnels. Today he spoke differently. And I think he spoke better. But last week we said, ceasefire, let's stop. We cannot talk with a terrorist organization.

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