Nancy Pelosi on International Crises: "The President's Leadership Has Been Strong"


REP. NANCY PELOSI: First of all let me disagree with the -- when we were growing up, you after me, but we were in a bipolar word, the Soviet Union and the United States. It's a much more complicated situation now and the president's leadership has been strong. And the issues you are dealing with this morning, the president was in the lead on supporting Iron Dome and asking for more resources now to help Israel defend itself, which it has as right to do.

In the lead for asking for humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people, $47 million to go through the U.N. to help those calling upon others to help negotiate not only a cease-fire, but a peace there. The President and Secretary Kerry's presence there is a manifestation of the President's commitment because it's a sustained high level commitment of the secretary of state representing the administration.

When it came to the Ukraine, the president, early on, called for sanctions. And then last Wednesday, before the plane was shot down, the president asked for sector sanctions, even stronger ones.

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: But the notion -- the notion that Putin sort of sized up President Obama and said, he backed off on Syria, he's playing footsy with Iran, he's a softie. He's not going to stop me. Has anything happened that should dissuade Putin from that?

PELOSI: Putin is going to do what Putin is going to do. And it won't add up in terms of statement -- statesmanship or leadership. As the president has said, Russia is now a regional power.

Some of what we see comes from insecurity. Putin, for all of his -- is insecure about Russia's role in the world now. What's happened in Eastern Ukraine, the shooting to begin with, the aggression and then the complicity.

And by the way, the administration early on getting out there and saying we have the intelligence to say that these rockets had a provenance in Russia as well as the ability to launch them. So, nobody is missing in action in all of this.

And as far as Putin is concerned, he's a KGB guy who happens to be the president of Russia and he's going to do what he's going to do no matter who else is in charge any other place in the world. So, I would not judge his actions or his motivations by anything other than he is rooted in the KGB, insecure about Russia's diminished role in the world.

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