Hillary Clinton: "The Reset Worked" With Russia


HILLARY CLINTON: The reset worked. It was an effort to try to obtain Russian cooperation on key objectives while Medvedev was president, and of course Putin still pulled the strings but he gave Medvedev a certain amount of independence to negotiate, number one, a new arms control treaty which was absolutely necessary. We brought Russia around to understanding why we thought there needed to be international sanctions against Iran.

I’ll never forget the meeting that we had, the president and I and just one other person on our side and Medvedev and two on his side, where we told him that we had evidence, conclusive evidence, about Iran building an underground facility, at a place called Fordow. The Russians were shocked because they thought they knew what was going on in Iran. So we brought them to the table at the security council, we got those tough sanctions, and we eventually were able to get to the negotiations that are going on now with the hope that something real can come out of them. (NPR's On Point, July 24, 2014)

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