Cruz: "Obama Admin The Most Anti-Israel Admin This Government Has Ever Had"


SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Israel is defending herself against vicious terrorists who are trying to murder innocent civilians. As Prime Minister Netanyahu put it very effectively a couple weeks ago, in Israel they use missile defense to protect their civilians. Hamas is using their civilians to protect their missiles, which is a war crime. And you ask why aren't we doing this? Sean, the reason is sad, it's tragic, but the Obama administration is the most anti-Israel administration this government has ever had.

Yesterday, we saw the FAA make an unprecedented decision to ban all air travel to the nation of Israel. And I've asked today the very simple question, did President Obama just unilaterally launch economic boycotts on the nation of Israel? Because John Kerry showed up in Israel, gave $47 million to Hamas in Gaza...

This decision by the FAA raises serious questions. Was this a political decision? Was it driven by the White House? Was it driven by the State Department? If it was based on airline safety, as they said, why did they single out Israel? Why not ban travel to Pakistan, or Yemen or Ukraine, where a commercial airliner just got shot down, but instead they targeted Israel. And the timing at the exact moment Kerry was there trying to strongarm Israel into stopping their efforts to shut down Hamas's rockets and tunnels.

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