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Jorge Ramos: "No Government Should Be In The Business Of Deporting Children"

JORGE RAMOS: We have to be realistic: Central American children will continue to show up at this border by the tens of thousands.

We know they are fleeing violence, gangs and poverty, and they know that this country will give them a hand.

No, I am not - we are not - encouraging them to come here all the way from San Salvador and San Pedro Sula.

As we've shown you, it's an incredibly dangerous journey, many don't make it, but we cannot advocate for mass deportations every time we have an immigration crisis in this country.

That's not the American way.

I know President Obama and Congress are in a dilemma.

They don't want to send the wrong message to Central American families -- that it is okay to send their children alone to the United States.

I get it.

But for those children who are already here, we can't send them back.

First of all, they are not a security problem.

And if you send them back, many of them will, no doubt, be separated from their parents, who are already in the United States, and might face death and violence on their return.

No, I am not exaggerating.

Deporting kids won't solve anything.

The only long term plan that will work is immigration reform.

With immigration reform these children would arrive in a safe and orderly way.

But Speaker Boehner and the Republicans are blocking immigration reform in the House and that won't happen soon.

So here we are, with thousands and thousands of Central American children arriving alone.

What do we do?

First, we treat children like children, as if they were our own.

We protect them and put politics aside.

No government should be in the business of deporting children. This is America.

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