Mark Levin: Obama Is Sick; "There's Something Out Of Kilter, There's A Screw Loose"


MARK LEVIN: This airliner shot out of the sky intentionally with a ground to air missile. A BUK, a Russian made highly sophisticated missile. Not one of those missiles you carry around on your back. Is this not a wake up call yet again? Does it not remind us yet again of 9/11 and acts that can occur in this country? I'm just saying these tragedies are not tragedies. They're attacks. They're intentional. And it's gonna happen here. It's gonna happen here. Because among other things, Obama is into his fundraisers like tonight in the middle of all of this he cannot cancel. It reminds me of Benghazi. Refused to cancel his fundraising event in Las Vegas.

You know what ladies and gentlemen? Let me be the first to say it and I'll take whatever slings and arrows I get. This is a very sick man this Obama. There's something out of kilter, there's a screw loose. Something's not right if you're president of the United States and something like this happens. Our ally Israel is at war. Where an airliner shot out of the sky. And let me say one other thing as I get to one after another here. I am sick and tired of the propagandists for Putin, who is a fascist. I am sick and tired for the apologists who [say], 'Oh well, has a right to Crimea. Oh, Georgia. Oh, Ukraine. Whatever.' Bullcrap.

The Cold War is on again. Not because of our making, but because of his. And because of Obama's utter and complete impenitence and incompetence. And you liberal Democrats out there, this is what happens when you take a man who a few years earlier was nothing but a community organizer and a state Senate backbencher and put him in the office of the presidency. You nominated him, you elected him -- you elected him twice. And the world paying the price. So are we. And so will your children and your children's children. And so will every damn generation after this one. (Mark Levin Show, July 17, 2014)

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