Ralph Peters: "Obama Is By Far The Worst Foreign Policy And Security President Ever"


LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: You often hear people say, 'Obama is the worst president ever.' And it sounds like hyperbole. But in the foreign policy and security sphere, without a doubt, Obama is by far the worst foreign policy and security president we have ever had, pervasive extensive failures of practically every continent, at the same time we have this shameless self-congratulations from the White House. You really have to go to the roots of this: Obama came to office in early 2009, really prejudiced against America. In foreign policy, and the West, and certainly Israel, as the problem, and certainly the cause of the problems. And Islamic extremism, and Russian intransigence, as effects. But the world is more complicated than that. And I will tell you, America has not been this weak in my lifetime. Even Jimmy Carter looks relatively strong by comparison.


You look at the litany of Obama’s disastrous failures. Russia: hey, when’s the last time you heard anybody talk about Putin giving back Ukraine? We had that catastrophic nuclear deal, where we gave away important duel-use systems and Russians gave up junkets going to the stockpile. Then, you have Iran, Iran nukes, they’re playing us like a violin, Iraq, the rise of a caliphate state, a terrorist state. Obviously, Syria, almost 180,000 dead, although nobody knows how many for sure. The reaction in Eqypt, the mess in Libya, you’ve got Boko Haram in Nigeria, you’ve got a mess in Somalia, South Sudan, tragedies nobody even hears about. I mean the list goes on and on.

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