Rick Perry: Obama "Really Not That Interested" In Border Crisis


RICK PERRY: Well, I think there's plenty of blame to spread around from this perspective, but when you're the President of the United States, you are at the tip of the sphere, so to speak, and whether it's a VA that's had scandals or whether it's the IRS, you're ultimately going to be responsible. And this border situation and I go back to multiple years in the past of which we've drawn attention to this administration and the problems on the border.

We've asked for 1,000 National Guard troops for over four years from this administration. As a matter of fact in May of 2012, Bob, I gave the President a head's up on what was happening with these unaccompanied children, these alien children who were coming in on the tops of trains. And we laid out exactly what we felt was going to happen if we didn't address that, and now we're seeing that become reality with literally tens of thousands of these young children, making this long, arduous, very dangerous trip, being separated from their parents, and it could have been stopped years ago, had the administration listened, had the administration been focused on the border with Texas.

I just don't think there's the interest, I've got to take that as "I'm not interested." When we asked the President to come this last week, he made a decision not to come. It's just time after time; you see a response from this administration that says, "You know what? We're really not that interested in the southern border of the United States."

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