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Jon Voight Rips Obama on Huckabee: He Has Never Acknowledged America's Greatness

JON VOIGHT: My greatest heartache is that we sacrificed thousands of our American heroes liberating Iraq, only for President Obama to pull out all troops, leaving Iraq now to be taken over by the terrorists. What does he say about that? Nothing. Romney warned us about Russia's aggressions. Now, we have seen his concerns come to fruition. What does Obama say about that? Nothing...

Obama wrote a book about his father, who he seems to idealize. It's a fact that his father was a Marxist who hated America because he saw America as aggressors. Meanwhile, it was America who helped all of the other nations whenever they were in need. Obama never has acknowledged that and in fact, went across the world apologizing for it and is piece-by-piece widdling down our military strength, the strength all the world has relied on. And in doing so, he has paved the way for the most violent, radical elements across the world to thrive.

My dear friends all over the world, please pay attention to what is taking place in our great America. Stand up for your freedoms. Don't be afraid to express wrong when you see it. And for us, let us bring our country back to what we once were and are obligated to be: a strong America, love of life and freedom. May God bless us.

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