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O'Reilly On Iraq: "It Looks Like The President Doesn't Know What To Do"

BILL O'REILLY: Almost everywhere I went this Fourth of July weekend, people stopped me asking why the country is in such a mess. No question the folks are concerned, some of them very angry.

In Iraq this man, the terrorist thug al Baghdadi, openly threatening America. Jordan, another country, saying that his ISIS army will attack. Incredibly Baghdadi was in U.S. custody but the Defense Department let him go during the Bush administration. Now, he heads up perhaps the most powerful terrorist organization in the world. Another big screw up in the war on terror.

As you may know, the ISIS army is an offshoot of al-Qaeda now occupying thousands square miles in Iraq and Syria. It's well-armed, well-funded, wants to kill Americans. Yet, President Obama has done very little to constrain ISI. In fact, it looks like the President doesn't know what to do. Certainly Baghdadi does not fear the U.S.A. A brutal situation that's about to get much worse.

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