Adam Carolla on Anthony Cumia's Firing: "SiriusXM Has Become The Man"


ADAM CAROLLA: I feel bad that Anthony got shit-canned, I hate this world that we've created where everyone just shit-cans everyone for everything. I think there's a way that we can disagree with what he said or the language that he used but still make that his choice. His words and his experience. And move on from it. I don't like this thing where it's like: we don't like you because you said this and you used those words, and now you must be relieved of your livelihood.

Either way, we have built a pirate ship here and we can never be fired. That's the good news. Secondly, it is scary to me when the people who go off to become the alternative -- the SiriusXM, satellite, the hey, this is our uncensored world. That was part of the sell, right? We get to say fuck, we get to say cunt, we can say what we want. We don't have to worry about the FCC. It's weird when the people who break off to fight against the man become the man. And it sounds to me like SiriusXM has become the man.

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