NOW President: We Will Politicize Hobby Lobby Decision


TERRY O'NEILL, NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN: I think actually what we need to do is revive the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution. Ronan, I don't think for a moment that Hobby Lobby could have been decided the way it was or the buffer zone case the Supreme Court announced on Thursday. That would not have been possible if we had women's equality enshrined in the constitution. Illinois has taken some steps toward ratifying the E.R.A. and if two more states were to do that as well as Illinois, we might have a very different political landscape.

I think the message here is that the response has to be political. We have a politicized Supreme Court. We will meet them on the political grounds. We will defeat them. We need to reverse the 30-year campaign by the right wing to take over the federal courts and that's my organization's job and we'll be working with our allies and I think we'll succeed.

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