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Ralph Peters: Obama "A Coward And He Won't Make Tough Decisions To Defend America"

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: The White House is lying! This president is a coward and he won't make tough decisions to defend America, and, you know at some point -- yes, it's a hard decision. Presidents are supposed to make hard decisions. Bush was derided for saying I'm the decider, but Megyn, that's what a president is, and I am not for willy-nilly foreign interventions everywhere in the world, but when you see the emergence of an al Qaeda offshoot terrorist state in the heart of the Middle East that threatens our interests and will threaten America and our president does nothing whatsoever except send those 300 advisers, some of whom are in Baghdad, probably safe. Some of whom are in Erbil up in the Kurdish areas, they will be safe, but they're brave guys, they're special operators.

But those guys, when we send them out in teams on the ground, the one thing they could do is help call in air strikes, but the Iraqis will not defend them. They don't have the numbers or the strength to defend themselves and mark my words. If ISIS were able to grab one or several of our special operators, and they will try, if they were able to, our guys aren't going to get the gentle treatment Bowe Bergdahl got from the Taliban.

MEGYN KELLY: I don't want to think about that.

PETERS: ISIS will go for beheading videos as recruiting tools. The whole thing is just a mess.

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