Jonathan Turley: Obama Has Effectively Rewritten Laws, "He Has Crossed The Constitutional Line"


STEVE KORNACKI, MSNBC: Jonathan, let me bring you in now. We covered the explicitly political, let's get to the legal then. Okay, the Speaker of the House is intent on suing the president of the United States. It's unclear, apparently, from the remarks John Boehner made today from the information they put out exactly what the specific examples they are using here. Presidential overreach, executive orders they think sort of undercut Congress, but you know, you've been following this, their complaints for the last few years, really. Legally speaking, is there any kind of a case here?

JONATHAN TURLEY, PROFESSOR OF LAW: Oh, I think there is a case against the president for exceeding his authority. I happen to agree with the president on many of his priorities and policies, but as I testified in Congress, I think that he has crossed the constitutional line.

KORNACKI: Where has he crossed it? Like what specific issue has he crossed it on?

TURLEY: When the president went to Congress and said he would go it alone, it obviously raises a concern. There's no license for going it alone in our system, and what he's done, is very problematic. He has shifted $454 million of the ACA from appropriated purpose to another purpose. He's told agencies not to enforce some laws, like immigration laws. He has effectively rewritten laws through the active interpretation that I find very problematic. While I happen to agree with him, I voted for him, I think this is a problem.

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