David Corn: Black People Finally Vote Republican And Tea Partiers Get Upset


DAVID CORN, MOTHER JONES: He certainly looked like he was the martyr who was ready to run another crusade. And you know, I would be happy to tell the tea party people who are mad at Cochran, hey, the best thing to do is vote Democratic in the fall and pay him back, but I don't think that's going to happen. Two interesting things here, Steve, is that, you know, the Republican party has been trying to get black people to vote for it for a long time and finally when when it happens the tea partiers get upset.

More importantly, there was a real reason why black voters in Mississippi turned out to vote for Thad Cochran, to defeat Chris McDaniel. At Mother Jones and other places, we reported on lots of statements that Chris McDaniel made that if not racist, certainly were racially insensitive. And this is a guy who went to events sponsored by neoconfederate groups that think that wrong side won the Civil War and he also voted against civil rights museum. So, tea partiers always talk about citizens taking back the government and voting their principles. Well, here are a bunch of people in Mississippi who saw this guy heading towards the halls of power in Washington and they realized they could stop them and they did.

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