Carolla on Redskins Controversy: This Is About White People Feeling Better About Themselves


CALLER: I was wondering if you have followed any of this -- it's pretty big here in D.C. -- but the U.S. Patent Office has ruled that the Washington Redskins name is disparaging of Native Americans and they are trying to cancel their trademark.

ADAM CAROLLA: Oh, interesting. You know, I was just talking to somebody on a sports radio show or something about this. I have two feelings about this. One is, I think we can all agree that Redskins is not a great term.

"BALD BRYAN" BISHOP: We can all agree on one thing.

CAROLLA: We can all agree on that. We're all split down the middle, it's torn the fabric of this podcast... This, it's an interesting thing and we do it a lot. We spend a lot of time talking about stuff that has to do with people who could genuinely use help. I mean, you know, diabetes is a big issue in the Native American community. Poverty is a big issue. Education is a big issue. There's a lot of big issues -- juvenile diabetes -- a lot of big issues in that community. This is not going to help any of those things.

Now, if they want to change the name, they can change the name, but I would like the conversation to be about topics that were actually affecting that community. We do it with a lot of communities. There's real problems that face these communities. We get stuck on this one thing, like if a sports franchise should change their name.

By the way, when they do acquiesce. I mean, there have been a million high schools that changed their names over the last 10 years. Has it helped this population? Are they out of the weeds now? Is everything cool? But what has it done? And then someone says, 'Okay, Adam, stop being an asshole.' Which they say all the time. So what. Then they change their name.

But what I'm saying is we have a finite amount of energy and attention to give to things and what we do, it's really, it's kind of a bullshit move. We focus on something that really is not going to affect this community at all and it's a struggling community and again, we do this with many struggling communities. We pick out one thing, we go super hard on it, we focus like a laser beam, we focus on it and then we act like if this somehow works, all will be right in that community.

It's not going to affect that community at all. How do I know? It's been done. It's a million high schools that have gone from the Warriors to the Bullfrogs or the Comanches to the whatever. It's not helping that community.

Is Redskins an offensive name? Yes. Is it going to do anything to help the people who are offended by it? Zero. Are there more, problem white people, offended by it than there are Native Americans? Yes. Thus, it becomes a way for us to feel better about ourselves for what we've done to these people. But if we really wanted to help these people there are 700,000 modalities we should explore before a professional franchise changes their name.

Powerful. Okay, that's what I wanted to say about that. And why, in 2014, when we have science and graphs and charts and ways to measure things do we just get stuck on somebody has to do something about this? Somebody -- or what? You want to do something to help these people? There are many, many things you could do. Many things you can do. This might be one of them. It might be way -- if I was just making a list and I was just a pragmatic atheist that I am, I would have a whole list of things and this would be near the bottom. This does not change anything in a community that needs a lot of help and a lot of change. Alright. (The Adam Carolla Show, June 19, 2014)

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