Bill Maher: Obama Is A "Drop Dead Atheist"


BILL MAHER: You know who is a liar about this? Obama. Obama is always spouting spiritual bullshit and I don't believe it for a second.

JON STEWART, "DAILY SHOW" HOST: You don't believe it?

MAHER: He's a drop dead atheist. Absolutely.


MAHER: And by the way --

STEWART: He spent a lot of years -- how many years did he spend in Reverend Wright's church? He spent a long time in the Chicago --

MAHER: He never went. He joined, because it was politically necessary.

STEWART: But he didn't go?

MAHER: Absolutely not.

STEWART: Not even to the picnics?

MAHER: No, nothing. He joined because he wanted to move ahead in the political world and of course you had to be part of a church.

STEWART: Don't they say that, in this country, if you want to be elected, the one thing you can't be -- you can be gay, a woman, Jewish --

MAHER: An atheist.

STEWART: You can't be an atheist. I find that so bizarre.

MAHER: So bizarre and so wrong because it is the single biggest minority in this country.

STEWART: Atheism?

MAHER: Absolutely.

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