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Sen. Ron Johnson: Hillary Seized Benghazi To "Perpetuate A Cover Up"

HUGH HEWITT: So Senator Johnson, why’d she get mad at you if she’s still looking for answers?

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Well, I think she understands how culpable she is, and she understands exactly her dereliction of duty that really results in the death of four Americans. And you know, listen, she can provide an awful lot of the answers. Hugh, we don’t know what she was really doing that night. We don’t know at what level the State Department, they actually waived the security standards for that consulate. You know, we have to hold anybody accountable in the State Department for the dereliction of duty for not only not honoring the request for increased security, to actually ramp down requests. And Hugh, I think just a small contingent of armed Marines, that protest, that attack never would have happened, and those four Americans would still be alive today. And so Hillary Clinton understands exactly how culpable she is as secretary of State, because she’s the only one, according to the law, that could sign the waivers to basically waive the security standards that were present at that consulate.

HH: Do you think she’s disqualified from being commander-in-chief, Senator Johnson?

RJ: I certainly believe so. She had the famous ad there, you know, who’s going to respond to that 2AM in the morning moment. Well, both her and President Obama did not respond to the 3pm in the afternoon moment, and no, I don’t think she should be president of the United States. Here’s one example, Hugh. You know, if you were secretary of State, given the responsibility to go to Andrews Air Force Base, to welcome home the remains of those four Americans, would you do your duty and offer the condolences of a nation? Or would you seize that moment, that opportunity, to plant and perpetuate a cover up? I mean, that is a craven, political act, because that’s what she did with Tyrone Woods’ father, and basically saying we’re going to get that video producer, we’re going to make sure he’s arrested. Again, that’s just a craven, political act. I think that alone disqualifies her as president of the United States.

HH: She also said yesterday to Bret Baier that she cannot recall if she spoke with Secretary Panetta, and she’s a little foggy on where the President was and when she talked to him and when the press release went out. How in the world more than a year later, a year and a half later, can you still not know what happened here?

RJ: Especially when you’re going to go and interview, and be interviewed, and you know you’re going to be asked that question, not to have boned up on it, and not to have prepared. No, I mean, there is obviously a cover up here. You know, one thing that’s not really been taken, really looked at carefully is the fact that one thing we do know is that Secretary Clinton and President Obama spoke about 10:00pm in the evening. At 10:08, the State Department posted on their website basically the first information blaming that inflammatory material on the internet, basically the video, that’s, I think, when that excuse was planted, and is it just mere coincidence that President Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke just minutes before that? I mean, were they concerned about the American personnel in Benghazi? Or were they concerned about their own culpability and how they were going to cover it up? I’ll let the listeners be the judge of that.

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