Adam Carolla Rips "Ambush" Interview With NPR Host: "Speech Is Free Unless You Disagree With Them"


Adam Carolla talks about a taped appearance on Brian Lehrer's show on New York City's public radio station WNYC-AM where the host ambushed him and attempted to paint him as a racist. Lehrer played an audio clip of comedian Jo Koy cracking jokes about Asians. Carolla noted that it wasn't he himself making the jokes, it was Koy, who at the time was making a guest appearance on Carolla's popular podcast. At this point, Carolla said, he knew it was an ambush interview.

Carolla shares how he responded to Lehrer and made him look like the racist because the WYNC host was okay with the jokes after it was explained to him that Jo Koy is himself an Asian. Carolla said the concept that Lehrer thought he was speaking for a race he didn't belong to is the ultimate racism.

Carolla explains how this is a great example of how the media has an agenda and tried to humiliate him for his views. For example, Carolla said during the interview Lehrer did not appreciate his opinion that in order to vote you must bring a recent pay stub. Carolla took this as an opportunity to lambaste media personalities for having a bias and wanting free speech for everyone until you disagree with them.

ADAM CAROLLA: So, it was a 20-minute interview. We agreed on some things, we disagreed on other things. I explained my point, had a laugh. I did what I do. There's no bad 20-minute interviews with me, especially when I am talking about the material in my book that's fresh in my mind. And we did it, and shook hands and left. It wasn't a big blow up and I didn't go, 'Oh, this is bullshit. The only reason you called me in here was to ambush me -- which is why they called me in -- because they're NPR and they wouldn't talk to somebody like me unless they had a plan. They wouldn't just -- 'Hey, let Adam Carolla come in and give him a fair shake! Let's see what he has to say. Maybe we can agree on certain things. Maybe we can disagree on certain things.'

By the way, that's called good radio.

The podcaster predicted that the radio station would ultimately decide not to air the interview after he embarrassed Brian Lehrer. Carolla's prediction turned out to be correct. He said the interview with Lehrer took place nearly a month ago during the tour for his new book, President Me: The America That's in My Head, and still has yet to air.

Carolla said the station told his publicist that they are currently doing a pledge drive and wanted to wait to broadcast the interview until after it was over. His publicist then contacted them again after some time had passed and the station said they decided not to air the interview after all.

"Understand people, this is the time that we're living in. You go on a show, they get caught trying to burn you and then they don't have the courage to play it. And it's a group that never stops beating the 'truth is for all' drum. But, alright, they're all fucking hypocrites," Carolla said on the June 12th broadcast of his podcast.

ADAM CAROLLA: I said to the publicist, I suspect I know they didn't play it. They didn't play it because they tried to ambush me and they got burned. And I said to Matt [Fondiler], I said to Matt three fucking weeks ago that they're not going to play it at all. Because, if they played it in its entirety, then they're going to look stupid and they're going to look like hypocrites and they are going to look like what they are. If they play it and edit that part out, now, now, we got a little Watergate situation going on. And, thus, it will just magically never get played. And we'll never hear anything from it.


CAROLLA: Look, this is somebody -- all I'm saying is this: this is a group that says they never stop beating the drum of everyone's entitled to their opinion, let your freak flag fly, whatever you want to do, you do. That's up to you. I can't stifle free speech, I can't stifle whatever. If you want to march on this, if you want to identify -- Matt, if you want to identify as a woman and use the woman's room, that's your business, this group is 110% behind you, unless you disagree with them! Because then when you disagree with them, you're getting stifled, bitch. We're never going to play it.

So, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, everyone should do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want to do it, as long as you agree with everything they say. And then, it's fine. If you disagree with what they say, now you have to shut up, and moreover, we'll never play your words. It wasn't a big argument, there was a back and forth, but they got caught trying to do the kind of journalism that we talk about that is getting more and more popular now. The gotcha journalism...

I'm just saying, speech is free and let the truth set you free, unless you disagree with them and if you disagree with them, then you will be snuffed out and stifled. I find that somewhat hypocritical from a group that one of their planks in their platform is let everybody express themselves and no opinion is bad and every opinion is valid. There's no, you know, you couldn't even go on there and say, 'Oh, fuck al Qaeda. I don't trust those people.' They go, 'Well now, slow down. There is alternative view points.' There is alternative view points on everything as long as you agree with them. And if you disagree with them, then you won't get played.

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