ABC's Jon Karl to Carney: Is Iraq Still "Signature Achievement" of Obama's Presidency?


JON KARL: Senior officials in this White House have repeatedly over the years and as recently as this Tuesday described the president's top foreign policy accomplishments as ending the war in Iraq, decimating core al-Qaeda. Given what we're seeing now in Iraq, can you still claim those as two of your signature achievements?

JAY CARNEY: There is no question that the president pledged to end the war in Iraq, and he did.

KARL: There is no war in Iraq right now?

CARNEY: U.S. combat mission in Iraq.What is also the case, and what the president made clear as we wound down the war in Iraq is we need to be a good partner to the government in Iraq, and provide the assistance we can at their request to help them meet their security challenges. Ultimately Iraq's future has to be decided through a reconciliation in Iraq and a unified approach to dealing with the challenge posed by a group like the ISIL.

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