Mark Levin to GOP: "Stop Chasing Ethnic Groups, Stop Chasing Genitalia"


MARK LEVIN: We see the country slipping away, at least the kind of country that we want. Why is it so hard for these guys to articulate our principles? They talk about Reagan, but they're Rockefeller Republicans. And what's ironic about this is the main opponent to Reagan in 1980 was George H.W. Bush, and now it's Jeb Bush, his son, who seems to be the main opponent to conservatives who are trying to rally behind a candidate in order to take this country back. And when I say take the country back, I mean from a president who is an imperial president, who every day says he's going to act unilaterally and does across the board. We wake up in the morning,w e don't know the next outrageous thing he's going to do, and Congress acts like it has no power, it has power, it has the power of the purse, it's got the power to do other things, and it needs to do it. And they're afraid of Obama, they're afraid to take these steps, and you can see there is a growing anger among many American people, not just Republicans.

I'll tell you one other thing: You look at this election 2012 with Obama. Obama should have been beaten by a halfway decent presidential candidate in the Republican Party who could articulate the principles of the party and expose Obama's fecklessness and weakness. We didn't do it. Millions of people stayed home. And who were they? Reagan Democrats. Blue-collar Democrats. Stop chasing ethnic groups, stop chasing genitalia, talk to the American people about liberty, opportunity. Explain to them that Obama's wrong and we need to unleash the American people and the economy.

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