Megyn Kelly: We Are Going To Relitigate Monica Lewinsky If Hillary Runs


MEGYN KELLY: Joe Klein chronicled the Clintons for over two decades. Earlier I spoke with the political columnist for Time Magazine and author of Primary Colors. Joe thanks for being here: You entitled this article “The Myth of Inevitability.” That she is inevitable and cannot be stopped.

JOE KLEIN: That’s what everybody thought in 2006.

KELLY: There doesn't team to be a Barack Obama bubbling up in the Democratic Party.

KLEIN: It’s very, very early, we have a long way to go, and in the Democratic Party you have a very lively populist movement on the left. You have people like Brian
Schweitzer, the former governor of Montana who is really a hoot, he could be a great candidate.

KELLY: The Clinton machine will crush them.



KLEIN: I mean, maybe.

KELLY: You argue in the piece if that's going to happen, she needs to warm up a little. Loosen up and warm up.

KLEIN: I think be more candid. The way they try to control the press is stupid. We can't be controlled.

KELLY: Some can.

KLEIN: Well, I doubt the New York Times can. And you know, the quote was I think in a political article that she hates you just get used to it.

KELLY: The press?

KLEIN: Yes. First of all, I don't think that's true across the board but the way they try to deal with us is like, her bringing bagels back to the back of a bus.

KELLY: Oh, I love her and I also love carbs!

KLEIN: What I say in the piece is she would be much better served if she brought candor to the back of the bus.

KELLY: Is she capable of doing this? The Clintons have had a lifetime of having the shields up, and the armor.

KLEIN: Rightly so. There have been an awful lot of unfair attacks on them.

KELLY: And legitimate ones, you don’t get to be in the Oval Office without raking a lot of incoming.

KLEIN: Yeah. But still, most of the scandalous stuff proves to be not so scandalous actually.

KELLY: I don't see what they have to complain about. I realize that they gave her a hard time, the left wing press in particular, when she was running against Barack Obama -- they choose him over her. But in general the Clintons have had a much easier time with the press than some of these right wing Republican candidates have.

KLEIN: No… The 90s were really a trial for them. Do you remember white water? There was nothing to it.

KELLY: Lying under oath?

KLEIN: That wasn’t part of white water.

KELLY: I know, but that came later.

KLEIN: It was a little white lie.

KELLY: It was a lie under oath by the president!

KLEIN: Are we going to relitigate Monica Lewinsky?

KELLY: We are if she runs. Because…

KLEIN: Why?!

KELLY: Why can we talk about Mitt Romney’s bullying in high school, but not talk about Hillary Clinton and what she when she was first lady

KLEIN: Yeah, that story had a lot of legs. It had one story in the Washington Post and then it died.

KELLY: Mitt Romney’s dog on top of the car. How much coverage did that get?

KLEIN: That was just mockery

KELLY: Why is she fair game and he's not?

KLEIN: She is fair game for an awful lot of things, which we should be talking about, but they are all matters of substance.

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