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KT McFarland: We Should Place Drones On Each Taliban Detainee Exchanged

KT MCFARLAND: We've seen in the past when Gitmo grads have been released, they have gone back to join the fight. If we're going to do this, if we're going to start releasing Gitmo prisoners, here's what we ought to do. We have a lot of drones. I think we ought to put a drone 24/7, for the rest of their natural lives, hovering over each one of these Gitmo/Taliban grads. And the minute they join the fight, the minute they step out of line, waste 'em.

ERIC SHAWN: That's a great idea, but their never going to do that.


ERIC SHAWN: You can't watch these guys. How do they watch these guys? You can't be on top of them 24/7. They're not even going to have ankle bracelets.

KT MCFARLAND: Well, they should have something. Because what happens is not only are these guys going to join the fight and kill Americans, the symbolism that it gives to anybody that have been in this long twilight war is, you wait long enough and the Americans will give up.

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