Krauthammer on Bergdahl: Obama Admin "Should Try Telling The Truth, It's Easier To Memorize"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it's very inexplicable, they are trying to find reasons to justify it other than saying we made a bad deal, one that injures the country, but we felt we had an overwhelming obligation to spring this last guy. That's the argument. There's no other argument. And Kerry and the others should try telling the truth. You know, it's easier to memorize.

He says we don't have to worry about the five guys that we released, we have an eye on them. That's a joke. Everybody understands that these guys are loose. They're probably working right now. They have all kinds of communication. They're going to end up in Afghanistan, we know that. Say it honestly. The bravado of saying we're watching them and we can kill them as if it's some kind of hunger game action here.

And secondly, what [Sen. Saxby] Chambliss is saying is also true. The idea they invented the idea that he was about to die, it sounded like, because of health reasons, all of a sudden he shows up and that apparently is not true, so they make up a second excuse, well, they would have kill him had word leaked out. Chambliss is telling us there's no evidence of that. Why not just say the truth? It was a hard deal, a difficult deal, a repulsive deal but we did it.

Again, the same way other countries have done in redeeming their captives. But the lie after lie and also the pretense that this ought to be something we ought to celebrate with the Rose Garden stunt is simply appalling. And that's why even people who would have done the swap like me is simply disgusted and appalled by the way they have handled it.

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