George Will: This Is The Worst Relationship Between W.H. And Congress Since Carter Years


GEORGE WILL: It raises questions about his competence and Democrats' defections from him. Before the three crises that you just mentioned, there were two others. Last autumn, the president clearly wanted to make Larry Summers the new head of the Fed, and a rebellion among Democrats stopped him. He clearly wanted authorization to use force against Syria, and a rebellion among Democrats stopped him. Those are two core presidential powers, the appointive power and the war-making power. So, this has been a long time coming. There are five crises, in effect, going all the way back to late last summer, and it does indicate that Democrats themselves are withdrawing their support from the president, who goes ahead with his own agendas -- the EPA rules this week -- that complicate matters for a number of Democrats seeking re-election. I don't think I've seen worse relations between a White House and Congress since the late Carter years.

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