Father Of Killed Soldier To White House: "Why Not Tell The Truth?"


Ken Luccioni, who says his stepson Matthew was killed looking for Bowe Bergdahl, talks to Chris Wallace on "FOX News Sunday."

LUCCIONI: First off, the people that were there, the people in Matt's platoon, the people in Matt's company, all say that this was the mission. Nobody's coming out saying, "Well, no, it wasn't the mission." Second, if he worked for me, the statement that was just made --.

CHRIS WALLACE: You're talking about Secretary Hagel?

LUCCIONI: Correct. As a businessman, I would say, "You're in charge. If you don't know, then you shouldn't be in charge." They know. The American people know that this is not being handled properly. The Army knows what went on, and what's frustrating is, why not tell the truth? Whether or not he deserted, was captured in battle, slept-walked, they would have had to go after him. Now, the fact that he voluntarily left hurts us because we may not have been here if he didn't do that, but this is the confusing thing: The truth is not that bad.

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