Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama Thinks "Desertion is Like Skipping Class"


LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: Well, Megyn, what you just saw and heard was Benghazi 2.0. A political flunky in a State Department insisting that she knows better what happened on the ground than the soldiers on the front line or the people in a firefight. The arrogance is boundless. You know, I wish the Obama administration if it can't have the grace to be decent about anything else, at least stop insulting our troops. She called those soldiers on the front lines liars. And by the way, she's a liar because I can tell you from the first days, the first hours the military knew exactly what Bergdahl's status was and I have never heard of or seen any report conflict the allegation that he's a deserter. Never.

But, Megyn, if I just may, this is an example of a very deep cultural divide between team Obama that knows nothing about the military and cares less and those who actually serve. And I think when you listen to Susan Rice and Obama they think that desertion is kind of like skipping class. You're hung over Monday morning so you don't want to get up and go to Gender 101. It is the second gravest sin in the military catechism right behind turning your weapon on your brother soldiers.

I cannot begin to communicate how deeply the military feels about deserters. And one last point: please, I'm sick of hearing people even on FOX, instant experts who never served in the military saying, 'Well we always went after our deserters and our troops and brought them home, even if they're deserters.' Megyn, throughout much of our history we did go after deserters, and when we got them we shot them or hanged them or if we were in a good mood we would brand them with a 'D' on their cheeks or forehead. When we became enlightened in the 20th century, we still shot some but we always sent them to prison for hard labor. This is not a minor offense. Desertion is very, very grave and team Obama just doesn't get it.


PETERS: Mr. Bergdahl's beard is not a tribute to ZZ Top. It's just sad. And what offended me and offended every soldier, I'm sure, and all our service members because Obama during the VA scandal he didn't host the survivors of people that died in the VA system waiting for care. And if he had wanted to really honor our troops, instead of having Mr. and Mrs. Bergdahl, the father and mother of an alleged deserter celebrating and giving them more attention than he has any military family. He should have had at the White House the families of the at least six soldiers that died searching for and trying to free Bowe Bergdahl. I mean, the president, he disdains our troops. He uses them as political props and then does something like this. And, oh, by the way, what's the price of getting private Bergdahl back? We have released five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

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