Judge Napolitano: Obama Admin Violated Law, Provided Material Support To Terrorist Organization


JUDGE NAPOLITANO: As if a signing statement, a piece of paper he signs at the time he signs the law into existence changes the law. It doesn't under our system. But Megyn, this is by far the lesser of the two laws that he violated. He and his team violated the federal statute which makes criminal providing material assistance to a terrorist organization. This includes money, this includes ceramic mugs, this includes maps, this includes professional services, and this includes releasing human assets back to a terrorist organization. President Obama's Justice Department has successfully prosecuted people for providing material assistance to terrorist organizations and now he himself has done so by letting these five guys loose...

He violated the law by allowing assets to go back to a terrorist organization. You can’t erect a telephone pole, you can’t repair a laptop, you can’t repair a tooth if you’re a dentist for these organizations without violating federal statute.

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