Snowden: "So Many Things Told By The Government Simply Aren't True"


EDWARD SNOWDEN: I believed the government's arguments that we were going to do good things in Iraq. That we were going to free the oppressed. And I wanted to do my part to help share the national burden and create not just a better America but a better world. The problem was as time went on, as I rose to higher and higher levels in the intelligence communities, I gained more and more access, as I saw more and more classified information, at the highest levels — I realized that so many of the things that were told by the government simply aren't true. Much like the — the arguments about aluminum tubes and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Colin Powell's speech with the vial of anthrax that Saddam was going to — to bring against us. The Iraq War that I signed up for was launched on false premises. The American people were misled.

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