Krauthammer: Obama's West Point Speech Was "Pointless," Audience Was "Quiet As A Mouse"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think his speech was literally pointless. He didn't have a point. It was a defensive speech. It was an answer to the chorus of criticism, even from his side of the aisle, that it's been a weak, leaderless, rudderless foreign policy, which it has been. I spoke to a member of the Congress who was in the armed forces and he said there was a real pettiness and a personalization of this. This is a graduation speech for West Point, it was not a place where you -- you know, you want to be inspiring the future officers -- it isn't a place to answer your critics or go point by point against all the attacks on him.

He set out, as you said, this ridiculous contrast between extreme isolationism on the one hand and extreme, almost a caricature of intervention on the other hand. And as General Keene said, there's not a person in America who is asking for boots on the ground in Syria or in Ukraine. In those places, people said show some rhetorical support, show some serious economic sanctions on Ukraine, and give these people all they're asking for, the weapons to defend themselves, which Obama has denied them and in Syria, it's led to 160,000 dead. So I mean he sets up a straw man, he makes the argument and I think it was a very weak and defensive speech and there was no response from any of the cadets. It was as quiet as a mouse.

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