Pelosi on How She Would Improve Obamacare: "Single-Payer"


NANCY PELOSI: I think the Democrats will run on saying that the Affordable Care Act is really important for America's families. And that we stand ready to improve it as we see how it is implemented. I think that's a really important message, not to let it be repeal or retain, but to have the Affordable Care Act and improve upon it. I have some of my own suggestions that I couldn't get through in the first round. So I like that message.

EZRA KLEIN: How would you like to see it improved?

PELOSI: Of course I wanted it single payer and I wanted a public option, but that not being in the mix, you have to prioritize what you want to get over the finish line, and now lets refine and improve and some of that relates to how it is implemented, so you see how it is implemented. (Vox's Ezra Klein interviews Nancy Pelosi, May 26, 2014)

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