Adam Carolla Rips "Brazen" Government: "They Are Bought And Sold"


Adam Carolla shares a story about his recent trip to Washington, D.C. where he talked to Congressional staffers about patent trolling. Currently in a legal battle with a patent troll, Carolla has said he expects to devote over a million dollars of resources to fight the case. You can read more about that here.

ADAM CAROLLA: I went in and spoke to the junior Congressional people about patent trolling and what a scourge it was and they promised me how they had bipartisan support for this bill that was going through. And then when got in our car to go to Richmond, Virginia and an hour later the phone rang and it was shot down, it's gone. It's like that scene from Goodfellas.

What happened?

Leahy got rid of it. It's done. It's gone. Moving on.

It's like the great thing is when [Democratic Senator Patrick] Leahy shot it down. He's like the [Senator] from Vermont. He was like, 'We all agree there needs to be patent trolling reform and patent reform, we all agree this is a very important issue, just not this time around.'

MATT FONDILER: I think he said we'll address this next year.

CAROLLA: Right. Right. I'm going to let the trial lawyers association and Big Pharma, and by the way, Big Colleges fucking run amok and the guys who are paying for my reelection and paying for my last election, well, I'll let them get another year and then we can come back and readdress it.

They are all so fucking bought and paid for. It's absolutely insane, it's fucking insane. Everyone just goes -- even they go, 'We have a problem here. There's just nothing. We can't do anything about it.'

A few people have sent me articles on it, but it's pretty simple. They have people who contribute a lot of money to their campaigns that don't want this patent reform or this patent trolling reform. They don't want it because they make a bunch of money.

ALISON ROSEN: You feel it was like a done deal before you went there?

CAROLLA: Our government is becoming brazen now. I feel like they used to do things a little more quietly, it was a little more backroom kind of move. Now, I don't know, it's supposed to be important, but yet no. But again, this notion that you can have special interest groups just go up there with sacks of money get their way, even though it hurts most Americans, it doesn't feel quite right to me...

ROSEN: How does that work when you're speaking on Capitol Hill? Does someone ask you question or are you --

CAROLLA: This is barely that. This is just me in a room talking to junior, junior, junior assistants of junior, junior, junior Senators. Like, I don't even know what it was.

FONDILER: You were telling your story. Supposedly, they were all supposed to vote on this bill, so, you know, they kind of have the language that the bill is written in but Adam has his own business and he could really speak from his own experience to kind of show how these patent trolls affect the business. But ultimately, like Adam said, they were like, 'Well, this bill encapsulates a little too much. We need to kind of think about it a little bit more.' So it just kind of was for nothing. But you can go to

CAROLLA: We'll fight the battle ourselves. So, again, if you think Congress is going to help, fucking keep holding your breath everybody. They are fucking bought and sold by the trial lawyers association. (The Adam Carolla Show, May 27, 2014)

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