Mark Levin on VA: Get Rid Of "Central Bureaucracy," Turn It Into A Voucher System


MARK LEVIN: This VA scandal is an Obama administration scandal, ladies and gentlemen. But it's more than an Obama administration scandal. This president sat on his butt for nearly six years and did nothing affective, period. He's not the only one. Congress sat on its butt for nearly a decade and did nothing affective, period. Ready for another one? The Bush administration sat on its butt and did nothing affective for eight years, period.

I did some research today, rather than just grab a few news articles, rather than say, 'Alright, I'm going to go after Obama and defend everybody else.' There are General Accounting Office reports. Several of them, dating back decades. Exposing what's been going on at the VA. There are articles going back ten years, eight years. Exposing what's going on at the VA; not just waiting lines but botched operations and so forth and so on. And we conservatives should condemn Obama because he wants to grow government because he wants to use Obamacare in ways that are dangerous and damaging t all of our health and our families. But it's bigger than that.

As I explain -- what is today, Wednesday? As I explained Monday... it's bigger than that. I suggested off the top of my head that what we should for our men and women who have served this country -- in uniform; in whatever capacity -- is give them vouchers, they've earned them. Rather than force them into what I said was a Soviet-style health care system, or a Cuban style health care system if you will.

And I made it clear, there are many many people working at the VA who are decent people with integrity who want to help people. I know, I met them. That's not the problem; the system is the problem. The centralized bureaucracies are the problem. It creates dislocation, it creates misery in every field of life when the government does this. Why shouldn't we give those who served a voucher which they can take anywhere they choose to? Any doctor, any hospital, any facility. Why doesn't some think tank take my idea and run with it and develop it?

We don't need a Veterans Administration. We need quality timely medical care for our veterans. And no matter how many times, especially this president says they're going to fix it, they're not, it's impossible. And look at Congress tripping all over themselves. 'The head of the VA should resign. I don't care if he resigns or not, do you think that's going to fix it? Maybe every member of Congress should resign. Maybe Obama should resign. They're all in on it. (Mark Levin Show, May 21, 2014)

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