Coulter: Those Who Don't Believe In Global Warming Are Treated Like Holocaust Deniers


BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR: So, Ann, Pat Sajak, this tweet, he said, "I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic alarmists, knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night."

OK. So, you retweeted this. So, we'll put that out there. But what was your reaction when you read this?

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR: I thought it was hilarious. I'm so glad I found him on Twitter.

KEILAR: OK. Why -- do you -- are you taking him literally? Do you think he is being literal? Is he joking? Is it satire? What is it?

COULTER: No, it's very funny. Because there are so many subjects today that you're simply not supposed to have.

Or as my friend Evan says, thinking is a hate crime. Well all have to believe in global warming. We all have to believe in immigration. The only question is lots of immigration or even more immigration?

We all have to believe that Trayvon Martin was killed by a brutal racist. And if you don't, you get called all these crazy names that Pat Sajak is referring to in a very the worse and I think most offensive one is the global deniers. That comes from people who were Holocaust deniers. You were calling half of the American people who weirdly enough don't believe the apocalyptic predictions that keep not coming true, equivalent to a Holocaust denier? That's not a debate proceeds in America.

KEILAR: To follow up on your point where you said that he may feel sensitive. So, he follows up with his tweet, he's saying he is just poking a hornet's nest. His publicist says he is just kidding.

His other tweets suggest, you know, yes, he is very conservative. This also does reflect some of his views. Do you think he is backpedaling, feeling some pressure here?

COULTER: Oh, no, no, I also already re-tweeted the tweet at the end of that package, the one about he'll be giving up his thoughts on nuclear proliferation and free range chicken.

No, I mean, I'm sure he doesn't believe in global warming as I don't, as the majority of the Americans don't. The funny part was him coming up with the arguments that are usually used against us. If you don't support Obamacare, you must be a racist. I mean, it's that level of argument that drives I think normal people crazy.

KEILAR: So, look -- you know, one of the questions I want to ask you, because you say environmentalism is a rich white person's concern. So, the White House did recently release the third U.S. national climate assessment, where 300 scientists say evidence shows human activists are leaving the climate change.

I know you say there's not consensus among Americans. And I think only about a quarter of Republicans, for instance, believe in manmade climate change.

But why do you say that environmentalism is a rich, white person's concern?

COULTER: Well, because you're talking about you know, entire genocide if we don't have fossil fuel. We can't go back to selling food at fruit stands on the corner. We need energy to live.

You have the scientists based in Hollywood, you know, like Leo DiCaprio building these eco-friendly homes with solar panels. How does he think those solar panels got up to the side of the mountain he was living on? Hundreds of trucks using fossil fuel.

It's all just a pantomime for people like Dr. Scarlet Johansson to feel better about themselves. But we need energy to live and the people who need it the most are the poorest people throughout the globe, not just in the United States, and certainly the United States.

KEILAR: So -- I mean, it's a serious topic. But one of the things I like -- I mean, there was a lot of angry responses to this. But there were also some pretty humorous ones, one of which I want to share with you. This comes from Greg Laden (ph), he says suggestion for "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle and then he put up this picture.

I want to see what you think about it? Oh, do we have it? Oh, can we put that up? Oh, we don't have it.

We don't have it. But it basically showed the "Wheel of Fortune" picture where it was clear that if you filled it in, it says climate change is real. Do you think that is how people should responding, with a sense of humor here?

COULTER: Yes, yes. I mean, it's funny, the reaction to his tweet is bearing out his point that this is the sort of reaction you get. You're called a racist, a denier, compared to the holocaust denier whenever you disagree with liberals on things that a lot of people disagree with liberals on.

KEILAR: And he feels very strongly about it. We know you do, too.

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