Obama: "Caring For Our Veterans Is Not An Issue That Popped Up In Recent Weeks"


PRESIDENT OBAMA: The point is, caring for our veterans is not an issue that popped up in recent weeks.

Some of the problems with respect to how veterans are able to access the benefits that they've earned, that's not a new issue. That's an issue that I was working on when I was running for the United States Senate. Taking care of our veterans and their families has been one of the causes of my presidency. And it is something that all of us have to be involved with and have to be paying attention to.

We ended the war in Iraq. And as our war in Afghanistan ends and as our newest veterans are coming home, the demands on the VA are going to grow. So we're going to have to redouble our efforts to get it right as a nation. And we have to be honest that there are and will continue to be areas where we've got to do a lot better.

So today I want every veteran to know: We are going to fix whatever is wrong. And so long as I have the privilege of serving as commander in chief, I'm going to keep on fighting to deliver the care and the benefits and the opportunities that your families deserve -- now and for decades to come. That is a commitment to which I feel a sacred duty to maintain.

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