Krauthammer on Obama's Response to VA Scandal: "The Buck Stops Nowhere"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think what it is, it's an epidemic of incompetence and neglect because --precisely because as every one of these other scandals unfolded the administration mouths words about accountability, talks about responsibility, some people like the Secretary of State, even the president, say the buck stops here, but the buck stops nowhere because no one pays, no one is fired, no one is demoted. The only person who got hurt in the Benghazi affair, hurt in terms of his career, was the guy in Tripoli, [Gregory] Hicks, the man who blew the whistle, the man who essentially heard his colleague dying at the other end of the phone, essentially. He got demoted because he said the truth. And that's what happens. Once that happens, it becomes epidemic and no one is responsible for anything so why should anybody stick their neck out?

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