Krauthammer: Obama's Foreign Policy Has "Psychologically Demobilized The Country"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: We have a president whose last major foreign policy address had one major theme: this war must end, meaning the war on terror. It must end, because it has really corrosive effects on the country. It's got to end; all wars have to end. As if we can unilaterally end the war if the other guy won't agree to do it. We have a president who -- as we just saw with the State Department spokesman -- always trying to downplay the threat which is out there and then we're surprised that there's no domestic support for a robust opposition against terror and against opposition elsewhere.

This is a president who wants us to live in a peaceful world, who wants us to live in a world where people no longer act like 19th century men like the Russians and no longer act like barbarians like the guys who just exploded the the bombs in Nigeria. Unfortunately, we live in a world where these people exist and the role of a president is to lead the nation in recognizing the threat, mobilizing support, to oppose it. He's done precisely the opposite. Psychologically he demobilized the country.

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